Hi. I'm Sunny.

I was a camgirl, uploading still images at 320 x 240 resolution, every 30 seconds while I was live on cam, from 2000-2015 until the site closed. I've tried other camming platforms, but none ever really felt like home the way Camwhores.com did. Cammunity sounds perrrrrfect, though. :o)

I'm an artist, a writer, and a retired muse. Here you will see me creating art for my patrons at Patreon, which is usually colouring pages, but I could also be working on a commissioned mixed media painting or a resin piece or anything, really.

I am a medical marijuana patient and you will likely see me medicate on cam using a vaporizer. Let's not make a thing of it, k? I'll be discrete, if you will be.

Please be nice to me. I've had a rough time in this life and I'm just looking for interesting people to share my time and art with.

My Life

(The Reader's Digest Version)

I live in a tiny town in Cottage Country, Canada, with my husband of 15 years and our 14 year old son. We also live with two wonderfully obnoxious dogs, Hoover and Lucky, both rescues. Our daughter, who is 19, got sick of our shitty rules and moved to Newfoundland to be with a boy instead. C'est la vie!

Every morning, I wake up between 4am-5am and either play Pokemon Sun, Animal Crossing, Dr. Mario, or Tetris or make art until it's time to start work, which I do from home, so it's literally a matter of spinning my chair around to face the opposite side of my desk. Sometimes I take this time to make a post for my patrons on SunnyGrrrl.club.

I only work part-time due to health issues, so I have (probably too much) free time on my hands, most of which I spend "making". Making art, making food, making friends, making progress. (I'm agoraphobic but recovering, with bipolar disorder I and generalized anxiety disorder.)

When I'm not at home "making", you can usually find me out playing Pokemon Go for hours on end at strange times of the night, or just going on general adventures, which are usually captured on social media, but Snapchat in particular.

I also do the usual: watch TV/movies, listen to music, obsessively use the internet.

Meet (Some of) My Family


Cammunity doesn't allow close-up images of non-cammers, so this is the best representation of my husband Blake I have for you. He's a fire spinning naturist & he's pretty rad.


Hoover is a lab/husky mix that we got for free on Craigslist because his family couldn't handle him after he turned 5 months old and was still growing.


Lucky is a golden retriever/husky mix who we rescued from the SPCA. He was surrendered due to severe separation anxiety which Hoover helps with.


My Art

My art features pretty girls and has various feminist themes. My girls are naughty, not nice, but they are always the heroes of their own stories. I create colouring pages for patrons, make mixed media paintings, both commissioned and just because I feel inspired. I take a LOT of photos. My big thing right now is taking long exposure photos of fire spinners. If you would like to purchase original art, go to SunnylandStudio.com. If merch is more your style, visit Zazzle. (But at Zazzle, the only way to see the adult stuff is by signing in, unfortunately.) If you're interested in getting art monthly and supporting me in general, take a look at SunnyGrrrl.club!