Oh. Stuff about me, right?

I've been a camgirl for 16 frickin' years and I still do it. I like to do all sorts of things on cam. Sometimes the more risque stuff happens over at other places but I do actually broadcast pretty much daily when I can get up the strength.

Art: I'm a visual artist, traditional-ish I guess you could say. I do mixed media, sculpture, jewelrymaking, pen and ink and all sorts of random shit that I can't even remember TBQH. I have a wood shop but I haven't transitioned into going on there yet because its so damned hot. 

If you are interested in purchasing my art or seeing my portfolio, just ask. I also give out free postcards.

Instagram - Twitch

Games: I'm up for many types of games that my computer can handle. I have OBS which doesn't work with the site yet, but I can pull it through Manycam.

Music: I write music, sing covers and sometimes I get my instruments out. Sometimes we do sci-fi story telling when I sound like a robot.

Belinda Short
An all around pain in the ass who makes art and yells a lot.